What Makes Your Dog Happy and Comfortable


Keeping a dog happy and comfortable is not as challenging as it seems to be. You need to pay heed to simple things that can do wonders to your dog’s life. Food and shelter is the basic necessity of a dog for a living but it is your responsibility to make this life a joyful and prosperous one.

Health is Wealth

You need to provide your dog with a healthy well balanced diet.It should contain essential nutrients and minerals. Taking care of your dog’s diet will result in healthy growth of your dog. The diet has an impact on your dog’s mood and behavior too. If a dog is fed with nutritious food, it will not only stay active and energized but will also result in happy moods. A dog that has a poor diet will have low energy levels, get ill quite often and as a result will have a dull and boring life.

So make sure that you provide your dog with healthy food to keep it happy and comfortable. Give your dog plenty of water to keep it hydrated at all times. Never forget to give treats to your dogs. Treats not only help you train them but also make them happy and give them a sense of achievement. Treats should be given as rewards or snacking purposes, not as the main source of meal.

Provide a safe and secure environment

Every dog needs a comfortable and secure place to live. You need to make sure that you are providing your dog with the comfort it needs. Whether you have an indoor dog or an outdoor dog, you need to provide it the best shelter you possibly can. If you are keeping your dog outdoors, make sure that the den is comfortable and is able to withstand weather conditions. Some places have hot climates; some places have freezing temperatures so you need to take care to protect your dog from weather extremities at all times. On the contrary,

If your dog lives inside the house you need to make sure that you have provided your dog with a cozy spot to snuggle in. Every dog would love to have their independent place and providing it with a dog bed will let it have its own space. Provide your dogs with toys and accessories like food bowls, beds, clothes etc. It gives them a sense of belongingness and makes them happy.

Follow a routine

Maintaining a routine will not only benefit your dog’s health but will also allow you to take out time for your dog. It will also prevent you from forgetting things that you do for your dog. When you get busy with household chores or tight work schedules, you tend to forget things as you are mentally occupied. You might skip a dog’s meal or take it out for a walk. Following a pattern will allow you to cope up with the routine and this way you will be able to give your dog the time it needs. The routine will make you do so. This will make a dog stay happy and feel loved. Also the dog will get used to the routine and can cope up with it patiently instead of running behind you and reminding things.

Take your dog on strolls

There is no doubt that you love your dog but you need to make your dog feel loved and precious. You can do this by expressing it. Dogs demand attention and love all the time. Spend time with them, play with them, snuggle with them, and give them their favorite food and treats. Keep them motivated and feel appreciated. Give treats as rewards while you train them to do things. At the end of the day you might be astounded to see that your dogs can communicate with you. You can get to know what your dog wants without them having to say it. Take care of your dog’s hygiene. You can take your dog to a grooming center or take a vet’s help. Regular grooming is important to keep the dog happy and clean

You are your dog’s whole life

Dogs are the best companions anyone can ever have. They can feel what you feel. They protect you and provide you the warmth you need. Dogs can snap you out of the worst mood you might be going through before you know it. They are known to be the greatest stress relievers and healers. Well, if you own a dog you would know all this. The love and care they represent is a medium not all can surpass. When they can do so much for you, why not give them more back by providing them with the comfort and affection they deserve and look for. You might have friends and family who can look after you but for dogs you are their only life. A happy dog will live a happy life and only you can help make them live one.