5 Perfect Foods Your Dog like Most


Finding the perfect dog food is not an easy task. It requires a lot of research and experimentation. You will have to explore and find out what works best for your dog. Don’t be astounded to see bags of wasted food that you might have purchased assuming that your dog will like it. Not all dogs have the same liking for taste, every dog has different preferences. However, there are some food items that are liked by most dogs that can be the perfect food pick which can be used with other dog food such as kibble as well.


Dogs love cheese, you can use it as a separate snack or use it as a treat for your pet. Cheese slices are one of the most convenient food items that you can feed your dog with. It is healthy and keeps your dog’s tummy filled. Cottage cheese, in fact, is recommended for dogs. It is a source of protein and calcium which are beneficial for a dog’s health. The low calorie content makes it an advisable food item for dogs. It should be given in small amounts. As cheese comes in the category of dairy, make sure that your dog is not allergic to dairy products. Cheese should not be used as a main course meal for your dog, however you can drizzle some tiny chunks of cheese on the food to make it tasty for your dog. It makes your dog stay full for longer, so you will not have to worry about getting your dog getting hungry before their regular meal time.


Low fat yogurt is also one of the food items that most dogs like. It has calcium and probiotic benefits. It can be used with food or separately for your dog. It is refreshing and good for your dog’s digestive system. Places that have hot temperatures, yogurt is considered to be the perfect food item for dogs because of the benefits it entails. If something is not tagged as dog food, it is not necessary that it cannot be used as dog food. It is advisable to choose plain yogurt only, do not use yogurts with artificial flavors or harmful additives.

Peanut Butter

Dogs become bored of eating the same food over and over again. Only because they cannot express does not mean that they do not want a new flavor or taste in their food items. Peanut butter is considered to be the most favorite food item of dogs. It contains healthy vitamins and proteins. Make sure that you choose unsalted peanut butter that is without any artificial flavor or sweeteners. It is preferable to choose raw peanut butter. It is ideal to be used as treats for dogs. However, it can also be used with dog food. It keeps the stomach full for long hours. Do not feed your dog with huge amounts of peanut butter; use as little as one teaspoon in a day


Table scrap is dangerous for a dog’s health but if you are eating eggs, feel free to feed your dog with them. Eggs are loaded with protein, vitamins, amino and fatty acids which are beneficial for your dog’s health. They are good for a dog’s skin, teeth, coat and bones. Cooked egg or a boiled egg, both add nutritional value to a dog’s meal. You can also use them as treats. Make sure that the eggs are not raw. Although eggs provide numerous health benefits for dogs, they should not be used as the primary source in a dog’s diet. Excess of everything is bad; keeping things moderate is the key to a successful and healthy life. The implications are the same when it comes to a dog. Eggs should be used as dietary supplements, a few times a week. High levels of egg intake can cause biotin deficiency in dogs.


Who would have thought that apples could be a source of treat for dogs? They are packed with vitamins and fibers. You can give your dog apple slices to avoid any apple seeds. Apples take care of your dog’s dental health. Chewing apples helps clean the plaque and tartar buildup in a dog’s teeth. It also freshens up the breath of a dog. It is a natural meal supplement. While it covers the various aspects in a dog’s health; skin, coat, bones and muscles, an apple also strengthens the immune system. Dogs like apples as they find it different from other food items. It is juicy and soft to nibble on. You and your dog both can enjoy a healthy and nutritional food item together. This way you will not have to search for a separate dog food item. Raw apples are a good option for dogs because of their low fat content.

Add flavor to your dog’s life.

Discovering food items that are not only healthy but also liked by your dog is a relief that only a dog owner can understand. In order to fulfill your cravings for food, you will probably get anything that you want whereas the dogs do not have this choice. You need to look out for their requirements, wants, likes and dislikes and cater to them accordingly. As mentioned earlier, excess of everything is bad, make sure that the items mentioned above are given in smaller quantities and should not be fed to dogs as the primary meal. They can be used as treats or served with dog meals just to add a little punch of extra flavor. Sometimes dogs will walk past their meals and will be in no mood to eat them but if you add their most liked food item they will instantly eat the meal. It is always a good idea to experiment and try out new things, you never know your dog ends up liking the least expensive yet healthy food option. Feeding your dog with healthy food will enhance their life and prevent any ailments in the future.