Tips for Dog House Selection

tips for dog house

We all need shelters, don’t we? A dog house is supposed to be a tranquil place where your dog can snuggle up and unwind when fatigued or probably wants to sleep. A dog house is a representation of belongingness and a secure environment for dogs to be in. While many states it as a shelter for dogs but for avid dog lovers a dog house is similar to what they will want as their own house. Some of the celebrities have even replicated the design of their private mansions to create luxury dog houses with all the amenities required by a dog. Air conditioning, heating, custom-made furniture, you think of it and it is all there in the dog’s tiny mansion. Now, this might be one extreme as the affluent can afford it the other option you have is ready-made dog houses that are available in the market which represent a cozy, comfortable and secure environment for your dog.
Choosing the appropriate dog house depends on numerous factors, the basic and foremost being the size of your dog, the material of the dog house and whether the dog house is for indoor or outdoor. Sometimes it can be used indoor and outdoor if you select the one that is movable.

Size of the Dog House!

There are various dog houses available in the market for all kinds of dog breeds. The size of the dog house depends on the size of your dog. The dog house should be comfortable enough for your dog to maneuver in. If space is less, a dog might feel confined it and this might agitate it. There should be ample space for your dog to stand, turn around and lounge in. it should not only be for sleeping purposes. A dog house that is too spacious might give your dog space to mess it up as they are wont to do or the space might be too big to be cozy and warm enough to snuggle up. If you still find yourself in a perplexed state when choosing the right size, you can always get a big dog house and add separators to it. This is a good option especially if you have more than one dog. You can put a dog’s bed inside, food bowl, water bowl and dog toys so that your dog can sleep, eat and play.
You will have to find something that meets the requirements of your dog. Massive dogs require big and tough houses while for small breeds a fancy dog house would do unless of course, you are not looking for something practical. A dog owner needs to decide if the dog house needs to be indoors or outdoors. However, the criteria might be different for both categories.

Different Materials to Choose From

A dog house is available in various materials; hard materials like wood, plastic, plywood, logs and soft materials like nylon, polyester and other fabrics. However, the most common type of material used and preferred worldwide is wood. Wooden dog houses are generally safe for use and the most appropriate ones as far as the weather is concerned. You can look for any sharp edges while purchasing a dog house to protect your dog from any harm. It might be a good idea not to paint your dog house to keep toxins at bay. Materials like metal and plastic absorb heat and cold so it can get it a bit harder for dogs in extreme weather conditions. A dog house should be able to withstand weather extremities. You will want to protect your dog from high and low temperatures, rain, blowing winds, thunderstorms and hailstorms.

Indoor Dog House or Outdoor Dog House?

This might be a bedazzling situation unless you have a huge breed like a Great Dane that needs to be kept outdoors or a tiny breed like a Chihuahua that is supposed to be kept indoors. Just like you need your independent space to be in, a dog needs it to. If you want to purchase a dog house that you can keep indoor and outdoor, you can get a movable or portable one. You can keep it in your yard when you want your dog to play outside or maybe you want to spend time outside or keep it inside your house. Dogs get attached to their belongings so this way changing the environment will not affect your pet as the dog house stays the same. Indoor dog houses are meant for smaller dog breeds or medium-sized breeds. Outdoor dog houses are meant for all kinds of breeds, however mostly are used for larger breeds. The owners of dogs need to make sure that the dog house has proper ventilation to protect the dog from suffocation. The weather conditions are a major concern while purchasing a particular dog house. Some materials absorb heat quickly while others get cold quickly; the crux of the whole scenario is to provide a comfortable for your dog.

Fancy Vs. Practical Dog House

Avid dog lovers treat dogs no less than their own babies. They want to provide them with every comfort possible and want to protect them from any danger. There are all sorts of dog houses available in the market. From fancy decorative dog houses to practical ones that are not just a four-wall structure with a roof but also provide other benefits. Portable dog houses are extremely practical when you have to travel; you can take your dog’s house anywhere you like because of the ease and convenience of carrying it. A portable dog house can either be detached and put back together when required or be folded into a thin sheet (materials like soft fabric are used mostly). You might imagine a fancy dog house to be something decorative with some cute colors and something that is not very practical. Well, the good news is there are some dog houses that are fancy yet practical. Some dog houses replicate a furniture item; an example could be of a corner table. A dog house is made up in such a way that you can use it as a corner table in your living area. You can place a lamp on it or any other decorative item as it can be used as a table while your dog is lying inside it. This is an appropriate option for the dog owners who do not have enough space to put a dog house inside their house, so a decorative furniture dog house can solve the space problem and add a decorative element to your house.
Not only are dog houses good for your dog, they’re an absolute must for most dogs! A dog needs a safe and comfortable environment like you do. And there is nothing better than a dog house that you can give your dog!