5 Most Famous Breed of Dogs in the World


A dog breed distinguishes one dog type from another. There are various dog breeds worldwide that carry unique characteristics. Some dogs are bred for hunting purposes while others for guarding. There are pure breeds, mixed breeds and even cross breeds. A breed is a class differentiation as you may say depending on the physical traits and personality traits that a dog possesses. Amongst the numerous dog breeds worldwide, the most popular ones are as follows;

1. Labrador Retriever

It is the most loved and cherished dog all over the world. A Labrador is a medium-sized dog and is the most demanded dog by families according to the American Kennel Club. It is known to be one of the friendliest breeds and is considered to be a family dog. Labradors are loyal and faithful, playful, hyper and active. Their intelligence and ability to help has made it a perfect breed that can be used while hunting, even for the military and police. You can find retrievers as therapeutic and their caring nature makes them desirable. If you are looking for a companion, a Labrador is the best choice you can make. They can easily adapt to new environments and are humble with strangers too. Their over friendliness might serve as a drawback too but they are still loved by people around the world. You will not be astounded to see Labradors everywhere.

2. German Shepherd

A German Shepherd comes in the large breed category. They have long faces and bodies. This breed might seem to be quite fierce but in reality it is not. German shepherds are known to be the perfect watchdogs or guard dogs. They are extremely protective of their owners and territory. They are intelligent, obedient and have the audacity to accomplish any task they are assigned. You will often find German shepherds serving as guard dogs, military dogs or rescue dogs for their ability to detect things. They can be playful and quite demanding at times. Their intimidating look makes them seem vulnerable but they are not as dangerous as they appear to be. They are not as friendly as Labradors though; German Shepherds do not get along with strangers or whoever dares to enter their territory. They are prone to be one of the most desirable breeds.

3. Beagle

Beagles have a gentle physical appeal which makes them adored by many people. They are calm and composed. The sniffing power that beagles have distinguishes them from all other dog breeds. The breed is known for its hunting capability. A beagle’s ability to sniff out things from a distance makes them excellent search dogs and guard dogs. The friendly nature makes them the perfect choice for owners who like socializing and they can be used as guard dogs at crowded places like hotels, airports and other public places

4. French BullDog

The greatest quality that a French bulldog possesses is the loving nature. It makes them devoted and loyal companions. They are popular because of their calm and quiet demeanor. They are obedient and will not disobey you. They can be good watchdogs and you can save yourself from the unnecessary barks. Some dog breeds especially the tiny ones are fond of barking even when it is not required, bulldogs will only bark to alert you if someone is approaching. They are smart and intelligent in that aspect. Many celebrities around the world own French bulldogs which makes them even more popular. They are ideal apartment dogs as they do not make noise and are subtle in nature. Their docile nature makes it easy to train them. People who own them remain stress free as bulldogs do not demand attention and tend to keep themselves engaged. They are avid learners and independent thinkers. Even if you are busy, they can be on their own. The ease and convenience of keeping them makes them the most cherished dog for many people around the world. Henceforth, French bulldogs are one of the most famous breeds worldwide.

5. Poodle

Poodles have three different sizes; toy breed, miniature breed and the standard breed. All types of poodles are friendly and playful. They have a very poised demeanor. They are renowned for their intelligence. They are avid learners and can be trained to do any task. They need constant stimulation at all times otherwise they get bored easily and end up in a destructive behavior. Their hair type makes them unique from all other dog breeds. Although it might get difficult to maintain the coat, regular grooming is required. Their beauty lies in their coat. They are loyal and perfect family dogs that seek companions. They are possessive for their owners and alert them of any strangers approaching. The attractive appeal and the characteristics they endure make them one of the most famous breeds.