How Do I Choose Healthy Dog Food?

Healthy Food for Dogs

Anyone who is looking for dog food will want to know how to choose healthy dog food.Is dry dog food or wet dog food better? Is raw food or cooked food a good choice? There are so many questions that pop into our minds while getting dog food. You are left with nothing but a confused state of mind. The best way to go about it is to do the homework. Get to know your dog’s body requirements and make your decision based on it.

A complete and balanced diet

A well balanced diet is every dog’s basic need. Whatever you feed your dog with will reflect one way or the other. A healthy diet will mean the right amount of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins going into the body. Healthy food would mean shiny coats, stronger bones, and a sturdier immune system. You need to explore and look out for healthy options as every dog has different nutritional needs.

Every dog’s need is different

Any healthy dog food will be formulated according to a dog’s specific body needs. A dog goes through different phases of life and requires a different diet at each stage. A puppy’s dog food will be comprised of food that is healthy for that age where as an adult dog food will have ingredients that are beneficial for the specific age category. A certain type of dog food that is considered healthy is not necessarily a good choice for all age types. Make sure to focus on the quality of food not the quantity you are feeding. Dogs need an adequate diet to remain healthy; over feeding will be unhealthy. Some dogs are energetic while others might be lazy. For dogs that are lethargic or weak, you might want to consider adding food that boosts strength and immunity in the dog’s diet. Maintaining a healthy well balanced diet for a dog is beneficial to maintain stability and prevent any ailmen

Check for any health issues

You should take your dog for routine checkups to the vet. Your dog’s vet might be able to suggest some healthy food options or might even recommend some dietary plan for your dog. There are instances that your dog might have some medical issues which you might be unaware of. You might be giving a healthy diet, however your dog’s body might be urging for some other food. For example, your dog might be allergic or have sensitive skin so the diet will have to be altered accordingly. Your dog might have weak eyesight, so the food that enhances the vision will be considered as healthy. If your dog has a liver disease, the food requirements will change aiming to treat the disease. So the food that will be used to treat the dog will be termed as healthy. The health of your dog will determine your choice for food that will be labeled as healthy.

Look for a trusted brand name

It might be a wise idea to go for a reputable brand name. Renowned brand names ensure quality and are certified for providing quality food. Dog food that is high in quality will eventually turn out to be healthy for your dog. You can always compare dog food brands as a particular brand of food might not work for your dog. A reputable brand will always state the ingredients in their actual percentages and state the byproducts. Try getting dog food that is fresh and not close to the date of expiration. Acclaimed brands do not make false claims and use misleading statements. They are reliable; henceforth you can feed your dog with peace of mind. High quality food might be expensive for some dog owners. People with budget constraints do not have to buy low quality food; they can always cook food for dogs at home. There are numerous dog food recipes that you can use to make dog food at home. It is not only healthy for your dog but you will know that you are using the safest options when you are doing things yourself.

Know what does the dog food states

Every brand in the market will claim to be the safest and healthiest for your dog. However, the question is if the dog food is healthy as the brands claim it to be? Know what is healthy for your dog. A dog food should have protein as the main ingredient; after all you are buying food for canines. Protein can be found mainly in the form of chicken, lamb, beef, fish or any other that is healthy for the dog. You can look out for other ingredients such as vegetables for additional value in the meal. Always check for calories, fiber and fat in dog food. Every ingredient should be used moderately. Some ingredients are used merely to add flavor so do not deceive yourself in getting the food assuming that the ingredient has a higher ratio. It is ideal to get dog food that uses natural preservatives. Dog food with artificial flavor and preservatives is not healthy for dogs. Some brands even use artificial colors to make the dog food appealing but color does not matter when it comes to a dog. So there is no need for such additives if they cause harm to your loved one. Avoid using dog food with any sweeteners. Your dog might be tempted to eat sweet food but it is not good for its health.

Healthy food leads to a prosperous life

Finding healthy dog food requires effort and patience to discover what is right for your dog. You need to explore and find out what works best for your dog. There is no doubt that healthy food will work for your dog throughout the different stages of life but make sure that your dog has an appropriate water intake and a regular exercise pattern. All these things put together will enhance your dog’s quality of life and will help prevent any complications.