Why To Buy Dog Crates From Amazon is Best Strategy?

Dog Crates Online

Shopping for our pets is an exciting and beautiful experience. It not only allows us to express our affections towards them in a very human way, but it is also an engaging process for pet owners as well as celebratory for both the pets and the owners when the products arrive at your doorstep. Shopping for dog crates is no different. We look for a comfortable smaller home for our pets inside our bigger homes and we make the choice keeping in view their den instincts, comfort and need for solitude and peace.

There is no shortage of options on where to make this purchase. However, getting these online, and more specifically through Amazon, has certain key advantages that you might not be able to get from your local pet supply store. Let’s go over the reasons on why shopping anything from Amazon is a good idea and then we will discuss how that also applies on Amazon dog crates.

First of all, with Covid-19 crisis being a very legitimate and very formidable threat enveloping the entire globe, it is always better to stay home and simply order stuff that you need. Amazon is a huge company and their workforce is familiar and excelled in all the necessary precautions of delivery. They can bring your products to your house instead of you having to risk yourself by going out to look for dog crates in different shops and compare prices.

Secondly, even if you are not a regular Amazon customer, chances are that you still visit Amazon site to check out a product, its features, prices and quality comparisons. CNBS has reported that 90 percent of consumers do a price check on Amazon before making their purchase, regardless of the mode of purchase they choose afterwards.

The fact that Amazon sells more than 12 million products annually should itself suffice that they are a trustworthy source of quality products. Their home improvement products alone make up for 1.1 million sold products which also makes the company a household name.

If statistics from companies’ reports are not good enough for you to trust Amazon, then perhaps the fact that 95 million of your fellow Americans have Amazon Prime membership might convince you of their reliability. Each year, every customer spends an average of $1,400 on the platform while Amazon has shipped more than 5 million products worldwide.

Moving on from why Amazon deserves to be your choice of shopping platform, let’s see how it serves you as a customer to make that choice. A report from Epsilon says that customers prefer Amazon primarily because of low prices and free shipping. Now one might argue that these two factors are also likely provided by other e-commerce platforms. The point to note here then becomes the number of options. Yes you might be able to get free shipping from another platform and also compare prices, but the very fact that Amazon has hundreds and hundreds of options on literally every product that you might need to buy online, the price range is highly extensive with them.

Finally, it is only natural that any company will come up with rewards and prizes for its regular customers to ensure customer loyalty. Amazon being a big company and with lots of resources on its disposal can afford to provide much better incentives and discount offers for regular shoppers on the website.

Now let’s consider Amazon dog crates in particular. When you are making a purchase of this sort, you will need exact measurements, the type of manufacturing material used, guarantees on durability of the product and its safety features. Amazon will not only have all these details listed down for you right next to the product, but there will also be reviews from other dog owners who have already bought the product.

The trust factor of payments goes without saying, especially in the current times when uncertainty and financial crunches have engulfed the world over. You would not want to be deceived by a fake seller or someone selling inferior quality products for a higher price, or downright plain swindling customers online. In all these scenarios, Amazon comes with a high tag of reliability.

If all of this is still not enough to convince you of Amazon is your best bet for buying dog crates online, then perhaps the fact that the pet supply category made approximately $800 million in the first half of 2018 alone on Amazon. The ease and convenience that Amazon offers along with competitive pricing and a vast variety of products is enough to keep them in the lead for online pet supply sales. You should also take a trip to their online store and look for the crate that will cheer up your furry friend and will keep you mentally peaceful over price, quality, and safe delivery.