Where to Buy Small and Large Dog Crates?


Crates are the natural habitat for our furry friends since dogs have the instinct of being a den animal. A crate then is the way for them to feel like they have a place to sleep, to hide from danger and to keep their puppies safe in their sense of a home environment. When their owners are not around, being in a crate is the way dogs feel safe and find comfort in their solitude. For the pet owners too, these crates are a source of mental peace because then you know your best friend is safe and also not tearing away the furniture at your home when you are away.

However, when it comes to pets specifically, dog crates are also a mode of house training. You don’t want your little friend to feel suffocated in the garage or chain them under a tree but you also need to teach them how to live in a family environment. These crates can help you limit their access to certain areas of the house as well, especially if you have toddlers at home, and more importantly when you get a new dog and have to train them. While these crates come in handy while you teach your lovely dogs rules around the house and train them on how not to chew on furniture, they are also immensely helpful for transporting your pets on longer distances.

The quick rulebook for dog crates

Before we tell you the excellent ways on how to get big and small dog crates, let’s quickly go over some dog crate rules before you buy one, especially if you are a new dog owner.

Never use crate as a punishment for your dog. While it may seem enticing to just lock up a dog when he is not listening to you and doing what you want them to do, or simply when you need to step in the other room to do some work, but this will backfire in the long run. If you use the crate as a source of fear instead of comfort for your dog, they will refuse to enter it all together.

Secondly, even when it comes to giving your dogs a comfy place to sit and sleep, do not leave them in the crate for too long. Too much time being crated will neither let your pets have enough exercise nor enough quality playtime with the family. Lack of either of these can cause them to become depressed or anxious and even sick. If you have adopted or bought a dog, you will need to make some changes into your schedule as well.

If your little friends are too young, less than six months of age, do not let them stay in the crate for more than three to four hours. Their bladders are small and their control over their bladders and bowels is smaller. Adult dogs yet to be being house trained might also need some extra time management because even though they might be able to hold it, they don’t know that they are supposed to.

Finally, it is better to push them towards staying inside the crates until they are fully trained. Once they are familiar with rules around the house, you don’t have to keep this check and get them in or out of the crates regularly.

How and where to get big and small dog crates?

Firstly you will have to make a choice on the type of crate you wish to purchase. There are options available in plastic, fabric or collapsible, and metal rigid frames. Second comes the size. Crates come in all different sizes and can be bought at most pet supply stores, as well as online. However, with Covid-19 crisis looming over our heads, it is very advisable to choose the online option for now. Amazon is one of the best places to make this purchase. There might also be local listings for dog crates but again buy dog crates online option is preferable, given the circumstances. It is also a great tool to compare prices, use discount coupons and save on money.

Make sure that the crate is large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around inside it. If your dog is small and growing, make sure to buy a crate that will suffice even when they have grown bigger. If you want to make it extra better, you can block the extra space so your dog cannot eliminate on one end and then simply move to the other end. Making this purchase online you can also be sure that if you need any extra accessories, they will be available on the website as well and you will not have to do all the research all over again. Reviews of different companies and different crates are also available that can help you make the best choice for your precious dog.