What Types of Crates are Comfortable for Your Dogs?


Own a dog it is quite natural you will want to make your pet’s life as comfortable as possible. One of the many ways of providing contentment and keeping your dog safe and secure is getting a crate for your dog. A dog crate is a type of a cage that can be used for various purposes like training, travelling and security.

Why Do You Need Dog Crates?

There are ample tasks that need to be completed in a day but if you own a pet, you know the struggle. If you have to go out, you cannot leave your dog unguarded. If you need to travel, you cannot leave the dog alone. If you have guests, you cannot leave your dog roaming around. If your dog is soiling areas in your house, you cannot just watch and let that happen. You cannot live with all these problems and restrict yourself from doing things just because you love your dog enough and choose to keep it with you despite all the hurdles. The easy solution to all these problems is to get dog crates and make your life convenient.

Dog crates come in several sizes and materials. You need to know what purpose you are looking for in a dog crate. It will make your decision much easier. The requirements of crates for small breeds, medium-sized breeds and large breeds vary. Let’s explore some types of dog crates and see which ones are comfortable for your dog.

Types of Dog Crates

You can find numerous types of dog crates available in the market; soft crates, plastic crates, wire crates and fancy crates. Some crates are even portable and have other accessories attached for you and your dog’s convenience. Dog crates provide a secure place for your dog while you can carry out your daily chores.

1. Wire and Metal

Wire crates are comparatively more durable than the plastic ones and are meant for medium-sized to large dog breeds. Metal crates are used for dogs that are more prone to destructive behavior and if you want to make sure that your dog does not escape. These types of crates are heavy duty and mostly used for large breeds. It is the most durable out of all the categories of crates. Plastic crates are widely used for carrying purposes. You can easily carry your dog during car travel or air travel. You can take your dog easily to the vet or even to picnics in a park. It keeps your dog safe and protects it from unwanted things. If your dog frets strangers or has some sort of anxiety, the crate provides a covered shelter for it. They are portable and comfortable. You can place a soft blanket or a flat dog bed inside, even foam to provide extra comfort to your loved one.

2. Soft-sided and fancy

Soft sided crates are less practical due to the material used to make them, mostly nylon and canvas. They are ideal for toy dog breeds, however if your dog is in a habit of chewing off things this kind of crate should not be used. Soft sided crates are lightweight and ideal for travelling purposes. They give the comfort you might be wanting for a dog. It is the perfect shelter for tiny dogs that are calm and not prone to destructive behavior. You can take this type of crate almost everywhere due to the ease of carrying it. Fancy crates as quite evident from the name come on the fancier side. They can be useful when you need to occupy less space.

For example, you can get a wooden crate designed in the form of a side table. The side table can be used as a furniture accessory as well as a crate. This way you will not have to keep crates lying down at places occupying space. The crate can also be used as a table; the top part of the crate can be used to place books, decoration pieces, perhaps a cup of tea if you are drinking one while at the same time having the peace of mind that the dog is laying down safe in the crate with you.

3. Make Your Life and Your Dog’s Life Comfortable

A crate gives a dog a sense of independence and ownership. The seclusion gives them ease and comfort of having the time to themselves. They can relax and unwind in the crate’s shelter which also keeps them protected from the unwanted environs. It is beneficial for dogs especially those who get stressed and scared easily. You can also cover the crate to provide it even more shelter, this way your dog will not be petrified of the environment it is being exposed to; during car journeys, even a trip to a mall or a shop. If you are away for work you will not have to be worried up for your dog as the crate will keep it safe, also if your dog has separation anxiety your house will be safe from any sort of damaged furniture or any other possessions. The crates are also helpful for training your dog from littering places.

4. Crates; A Source of Comfort, Not Confinement

There is no doubt that crates can be used as comfortable places, some might be considered as a dog’s home to sleep, retreat and snuggle up. Make sure that crates provide ample space to sit, stand and move around. Otherwise your dog will feel trapped and uneasy. However, if the space is more than a dog’s requirement there are chances that the dog will use half of it as a place to litter. You should train your dog so that it gets used to the crate. Remember that crates should be used to provide comfort to your dog, never use crates to punish your dogs or keep them confined. The type of dog crate you need depends on your requirement and the things you are intending to cater to.