What to Do If Your Dog Is Feeling Bored?


Play, eat and sleep, well is this all what a dog’s life revolves around? If your answer is affirmative, you are badly mistaken. A dog has different kinds of emotions which demand attention and care. Keeping a dog well fed and taking care of its physical needs is not only the mere duty of a pet owner, there is much more to it. You have to take care of its emotional needs too.

Deal with the Moods

It is not astonishing to know that dogs have their moods too. They might be feeling playful and cheerful, so they will put in every effort to make sure you end up playing with them. They might be feeling anxious and might go exploring and sniffing their way around the area they are. They might be feeling hungry but do not let the puppy eyes deceive you, of course, they can’t be feeling hungry all the time especially when you are enjoying your own meal. While there are numerous mental states a dog might feel, happy or sad, the chances of feeling bored are one of the most common yet neglected parts that your dog goes through.

Keep Your Dog Engaged

An empty mind is a devil’s mind’, this is not only true for humans only but for dogs too. When you do not have anything to do, you often engage yourself in negative thoughts; similar is the case when it comes to dogs. A bored dog can throw tantrums and might end up in a destructive behavior. In order to avoid such scenarios, it is your job to save your dog from boredom.

Give Time to Your Dog

A dog can get bored very easily. While many dog owners have put in every effort to make their dog’s life comfortable and luxurious at the same time, it does not matter how many toys your dog owns or how many activities a dog might have to indulge in, a dog will still get bored. Dog owners get busy in their daily hustle bustle; often their dogs are left neglected due to time constraints. Dogs have nothing to do but wait for their owners to return back home. Even the shortest time equates to long hours for the dogs. They get bored and want attention from their owners. You might find them hiding in corners or under furniture, their way of expressing that they are being neglected or getting bored. You need to take out time for your dogs on a regular basis. Sometimes all a dog wants is your time.

Take Your Dog on Strolls

The question arises what to do when they are getting bored? You can take them for a walk; it is not only a healthy exercise but will also keep your dog engaged in the outdoor surroundings. Your dog will feel exhausted and end up sleeping while you can do your other household chores. Your dog can easily get distracted by any activity of their interest, apart from walks you can take them to a park or center where they can find their fellow species. This will allow them to interact with other dogs and socialize just like humans do. You can get treats for your dog and make them do anything you want, especially if they are getting bored and have no activity to keep them engaged.

Time for Some New Toys

Boredom is the result of inactivity. A slight distraction can divert a person’s attention; similar is the case with dogs. Get new and different toys for your dogs. There is no doubt that a ball is one of every dog’s favorite items to play with. The sad part is you cannot always be around to play with them so some toys are a good way of keeping your dog engaged while you are away. Every time your dog sees something new, it will be anxious to know what it is. If it gets bored from one toy, you can try giving it another one. Some dogs like playing hide and seek, especially the ones which like hiding their favorite biscuits. Dogs know where their thing is hidden, try hiding their toys at different places and let them sniff their way to them.

Take Your Dog on Holiday!

Just like humans need a break from their work or busy lives, dogs need a break too. A change is always good for health, it is a good refresher. Try to plan your trips according to your dog. You can take them to dog friendly places. There are many hotels that allow pets too, you can avail such opportunities. A new place would mean new things to explore; your dog will have no reason to get bored. Whether it is international travel or domestic travel, there are a lot of facilities available for dogs for you to enjoy hassle-free travel. A road trip is also an option which can be availed to kill boredom.

Consider Keeping More Pets

A dog needs a companion, of course you can fill in that place but another pet would mean less boredom. Sometimes, it is difficult for some of the dogs to accept a new member in the family but it will eventually get used to another member. If you have one dog, you can get another dog or any other pet for your dog’s company. You will not have to worry about taking out time to play with your dog as there will be another pet to play with.

A Little Effort Can Do Wonders for Your Dog

A healthy and active dog will mean a happier you. If you own a dog it is your responsibility to take care of it. If you will not take care of your dog, who else will? It is very natural for your dog to feel sluggish and bored but a small amount of effort will do your dog wonders. Physical health is an outcome of mental health, keep a check on how your dog is doing mentally.