5 Things You Must Keep in Mind While Buying Dog Food


Finding the right food for your dog can become quite a mind-boggling situation. Obviously you want choosing a dog house online. but the market is flooded with dog food targeting various purposes. Finding the perfect dog food from such a wide array of the product range can get confusing. All dogs require a healthy well-balanced diet, may it be a puppy or a senior dog.

If you keep a check on a few things while buying dog food, your decision-making process will get easier and convenient. It is not as difficult as it seems to be. You will have to explore and find out what works for your dog though. The following steps might help you selecting the right food for your dog;

Dog’s size and age

First of all, look at what breed your dog is. If it is a smaller breed, the food requirements are different, if it is a medium sized or large breed the food requirement will change all together. The next step is the age of the dog. A puppy’s dietary needs are different to that of an adult dog. Once the size and age criteria are solved you can look for other things

Purpose of food

The dog food brands target various dog needs. For example, there is a unique category of food that is made for sick dogs. Your dog might be suffering from a liver disease, so the food is made specifically to treat that ailment. A senior dog with weak and brittle bones will require food with ingredients that boost strength; you will be able to find a category that is made for senior dogs. There is food available for dogs who cannot chew so there will be a separate category for them. You need to know what category of dog food you are looking for.

Ingredients should include the essential nutrients

In order to keep your dog healthy you need to find the perfect well balanced diet. There is no hard and fast rule that a particular food item will be the best for your dog. You will have to go through a lot of experimentation and struggle to find out the food that works best for your dog. It might seem scary but there is no need to be worrisome. Ultimately you will find your best pick.

Look out for the ingredients. The perfect dog food will contain the right amount and blend of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Dog food should have a source of protein which is one of the most important nutrients required for your dog’s body. It can be in any form, however mostly found in chicken, beef, lamb and salmon. You can look for dog food that has vegetables. Although they should not be taken as the main source of meal but vegetables serve as an added benefit. They carry rich sources of vitamins and minerals which are beneficial for your dog’s health.

You can look for carbohydrates, grains, fats and oil. Only the ones that are safe will be used for dogs, however some dogs might be allergic to some of the ingredients. It is always wise to know what works for your dog. If you have tried a dog food that your dog finds it hard to digest, try another one instead which has other ingredients. Try searching for food that has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Dog foods with such ingredients are known to be rich in quality. Dry food tends to have less water content whereas wet food has more water content. You need to check the water content in dog food as some food might have more water content and lesser protein whereas your aim might be to feed your dog with protein.

Look for fresher and natural products

Avoid using processed food or frozen food items. Look for dog food whose primary source is protein and secondary sources are vegetables, fruits and grains. Sweeteners are unhealthy for your dogs. Do not buy dog food that has added preservatives or artificial flavors. Always remember, attractive packaging should not be your criteria for buying dog food. Even if you are tempted to buy, read the label and ingredients carefully. There is no need for artificial color in your dog’s food. The shapes and colors of dry dog food might be attractive for you but it does not make any difference to a dog. Natural ingredients like vegetables and fruit add flavor to dog food and provide health benefits. Your ultimatum should be to look for quality rather than going for the physical appeal of the product.

Check the expiry of the food

When purchasing a dog food one should always look for an expiry date. Dog food that has natural preservatives has a shorter time range. They are considered to be fresh and healthy for your furry friend. While artificial preservatives enhance the shelf life of dog food. At times you do not have a choice or the time to get into the details of what the product has to offer but the least you can do is check if the product is still valid. The best quality dog food with the perfect blend of ingredients will not add any value to your dog’s life if it is expired

Healthy food will make your dog’s life better and happier

The right choice of food can improve your dog’s quality of life. These days it is not difficult to get dog food but the variety of products that are available in the pet food market has made it hard to choose the best quality dog food. However, if you keep the points mentioned above in mind, you will be able to make the decision quicker and save yourself from the distress of selecting the ideal food for your dog. The right choice of food can prevent you from troubles in the long run. A well-balanced diet and some exercise is the key to a dog’s healthy, successful life.