Women’s B-Fit Air Tee

Improve Performance with Style! This B-fit air Tee is made with fabric that makes sweat evaporate into the atmosphere and the garment remains dry, preventing foul smelling odor, keeping you presentable all the time. Remain fresh and comfortable while you give your best in daily workouts.

This moisture-managing breathable tee will make your workouts comfortable and productive. The streamlined cuts and the stretchable fabric, let you have your full range of motion.

About our facilities

Our garments are made from the finest,ethically sourced cotton and in factories that provide safe and healthy work environments to the workers as well as fair wages to employees and suppliers. We ensure that our manufacturing partners follow sustainable manufacturing practices and take responsibility for the impact of their operations on the environment, people and communities; that they are conscious of their carbon footprint and make efforts to conserve natural resources, especially water.

We ensure that these facilities are compliant with environmental, social and labor laws. These facilities are certified for fair-trade, ISO 14001, WRAP and OHSAS 18001.

  • We supply casual wear classical knitwear clothes suitable for everyday use with a touch of effortless fashionable appeal, comfort, sophistication, and freedom of movement.
  • Our product philosophy is rooted in simplicity and nature. We want to enable our customers to live an active and fluid lifestyle without hindering their innate movement.
  • Our color philosophy revolves around rich solids that are versatile enough to be creatively paired with other pieces in complete coordination and even with different categories of clothing such as jeans and chinos.
  • We engineer best quality fabrics as per our apparel science knowledge and latest technology to seamlessly merge fashion with function providing you with comfortable, durable, and stylish knitted and woven clothing.
  • Our fabrics range from 100% pure cotton, organic cotton, modal, lyocell, Tencel, recycled cotton and polyester and cotton blends with spandex to give you freedom of movement and shape retention for that flattering look.